Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Travel And Weight Loss - Can They Go Hand in Hand? Here Are Some Tips

Travelling can lead to deviation from your healthy food plans as well as workout regimes. While you're travelling, it is difficult to stick to healthy food as well as your daily exercise schedule of going to a boot camp. But, it is not totally impossible. With a few simple measures, you can ensure that your travel plans don't disrupt your weight loss regime.

Most of the times travelling results in weight gain, because travelling means enjoying oneself without bothering about calories or exercises. While travelling, we generally get to experience different cuisines and hence end up eating more than usual. Also, exercise takes a backseat and relaxation and enjoyment becomes the order of the day.

Travelling also means we end up switching over to unhealthy food options leading to weight gain. Though maintaining your weight during travelling is a challenge, it can be achieved easily. However, you can ensure that your weight loss plans are not disrupted while travelling by taking care of a few essentials. Here are few tips.

Choose Food Options Wisely

When you are travelling, there's nothing like healthy home-cooked food that you can have. You need to make sure that you choose healthy food options. Go for food chains and restaurants that have a healthy menu in place. Most of the food chain outlets are now expanding their menus to include healthy food options to cater to the tastes of health-conscious people as well as people who are following a weight loss regime.

Say No to Toppings

You can always order salads and grilled items because they are healthier than the other items in the menu. Not only do you fill your stomach, you also keep the extra calories at bay with these healthy food choices. However, nowadays, even the salads come with extra toppings of cheese, bacon and other fatty toppings. Make sure you order food without any extra toppings so that your weight is under control.

Go for Appetizers

Portion control is the key to healthy weight loss. And, while travelling, make sure you use portion control to stick to your weight loss regime. Restaurants nowadays are offering several items on a single platter making it very difficult to stick to healthy food options. To avoid overeating, order an appetizer before anything else. An appetizer will reduce your hunger pangs and you'll feel considerably full to overeat.

Stay away from Chips and Candies

When you are setting out for a trip, the first thing you would do is to load your car with snacks. These snacks usually comprise of chips and candy bars that are easy to carry but unfortunately, very high on calories. And since, you don't get to burn those calories while on road; you end up accumulating these calories as excess fat. Instead of these unhealthy options, select an assortment of fruits and nuts as well as healthy sandwiches for your journey.

Make a Weight-Loss Plan Before you Travel

When you are all set to travel, you would be having some time in hand to formulate a plan to stick to healthy weight loss plans. Check out which hotel you would be staying at and find out from them whether they cater to healthy food options. If not, look for places around the hotel that serves food which is in line with your daily healthy diet.

Find Time to Exercise

Obviously, when you are travelling, you cannot do your daily workout regime like attending a boot camp. But, you can do some basic exercise to make sure you keep your weight in check. Choose public transportation over cabs. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs to go to your room. You can also hit the gym at your hotel.

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