Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 Kinds of Workers Who Should Be Trained in First Aid

A lot of people, other than those who work in the medical field need first aid training. It is safe to say that anyone who is around a number of people on a daily basis should learn first aid. This is because as much as we think we are safe, and nothing wrong could happen, unfortunately it could. You could slip and fall on your way to work, your child could have a fall while playing in the park, there could be a car collision near your house or a fire could have broken out in a nearby area. You could either be a by-stander, or be one that helps a large number of people get on the road to recovery.

First aid is, simply put, the first kind of treatment given to a sick or an injured person. This could be before professional help arrives or even at the Emergency Room (ER) of a hospital. First aid training helps curb bleeding, teaches you how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), take care of minor cuts, bruises and burns.

There are a number of people who must take up first aid training such as:

• Healthcare professionals: Every single person associated with the medical field, from doctors, nurses, and attendants and absolutely anyone else should learn first aid. Over and above this anyone working at a hospital should know first aid; this not only helps in a crisis situation, but also raises the standards of the hospital.

• Rescue workers: This refers to firefighters, police officers, lifeguards and security guards. In case of emergency, civilians will look up to you for help. Being trained in first aid and CPR will make a huge difference in bringing the situation in control.

• Physical fitness personnel: Gym trainers, sports coaches, aerobics instructors, massage therapists and dance instructors, there is a lot of physical activity around their work areas. A fall resulting in a sprain or a fracture could be taken care of instantly.

• School staff and child-care facilitators: You need to make sure your child is safe when you are not around. Children by nature are difficult to handle and when they are in groups an accident is bound to happen. Make sure you are certain that your child's school or day-care center has a first aid trained professionals.

It has become increasingly common that large offices have a Safety Committee or a Safety Officer. This committee or officer must be trained in first aid and CPR administration. Over and above this they also make sure the office conducts regular fire drills and keeps fire exits clear and safety norms up to date. They also take care of a well-equipped first aid kit so that there is a sense of safety that employees feel while working in the office. Workplaces also have tie ups with hospitals or clinics where they can take their employees in case professional help is required.

First aid training makes you aware of how you can help save lives with basic essentials. Make sure you speak to as many people as possible to spread the word about first-aid training.

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