Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keep Moving and Grooving

There is wisdom with age. We do become wiser as we grow older. There are times when we have some setbacks and several of our peers and family members find it hard to believe but we do actually learn from our mistakes. These mistakes could come in the form of lack of exercise, not exactly eating the right foods or making the wrong choices in several other areas of life. Exercising is not seen as a necessity when we are young because we are active. As we grow older, our doctor recommends we exercise at least three times a week. There are many health magazines that recommend walking several times a week and there are websites that promote jogging as a form of daily exercise. Several women get together for Pilates and even yoga.

The younger generation is getting off on the right foot. There are more vegetarians than ever before and more belong to gyms and recreation facilities. The drawback they have is the number of medicines available to them with serious side effects. I believe they are reading the labels and listening to the side effects more now than we did a generation ago. The trust in the doctor prescribing the right medicines is not as strong today as in our grandparent's time.

Today we read labels and books on nutrition, visit websites that provide information about the nutritional value of foods, and there are thousands of recipes for healthy eating. We are beating cancer and other life threatening diseases. However, this still leaves us with decisions to make. As we grow older, there are things we have to consider. In the morning when we rise there is a stiffness in our joints, we take naps in the afternoon, we do not do as much during the day as we used to and there is that mental disease of depression that takes hold because we do not see our value anymore. The worst thing about growing older is you do not remember things like you used to. Now really, is that such as bad thing? We all have some things we would like to forget.

We have to think past many things to stay young in our minds. Our bodies are not as fast but they can still move around. Let us put some move and groove back in the life. Here are some viewpoints to consider. Eat healthy, watch vitamins and minerals, see protein as essential for muscle development, do some morning stretches, walk at least 40 minutes a day and smile. Make a list of those things that make you happy. If you have trouble with that then have someone help you. Talk it out to someone and relive those happy moments in your life. If you cannot remember everything you used to that is okay. No one does.

Secrets of success in growing older: think young, move to life and groove to the happiness that is still there. Do not give up; never surrender your life until it is time to do so. Then do it with grace.

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