Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bikini Wax Types

The idea of a bikini wax may intrigue you, excite you, or possibly scare you. Many women would like to clean up their bikini region with a little hair removal before summer hits and they have to put on their skimpy bikini, but they do not know what waxing services are out there. Many have heard the term before, but there are several different types or options from which to choose. Before you head to the salon, it is good to get a grasp on the different types, so that you will be able to explain the professional spa technician exactly what you are wanting.

The Basic Bikini Wax - If you are going for your very first wax, the simple regular type is most likely what you are wanting. This is the most basic type and basically just removes any hair that would lie outside of the average bikini line. You can typically leave your underwear on for this procedure, or you will wear the salon's disposable underwear. Then wax will be applied to your upper thigh areas and to the hair below your naval. The Basic is a good choice for beginners who simply want to groom that area before they have to wear a bikini out in public.

French Type Bikini Wax - The French type goes a little bit farther than your basic waxing. This style removes all of the hair that the basic removes, and then some. After a French, you are typically only left with one small vertical strip of hair, often referred to as a "landing strip". Women who like to wear very narrow types of underwear or bikinis often choose this method of waxing.

Brazilian Bikini Wax - It is, by far the most famous type because it really takes the process to the next level. A Brazilian wax typically means the removal of your genital area hair, front and back. In some cases, a small strip of hair is left, as in the French types, but you would want to let your waxing technician know if you would prefer that before hand. Women who like to wear thong style underwear or swimwear, and need to remove hair from their front and backside, choose this waxing type.

The Sphinx or Hollywood - The Sphinx style, also known sometimes as the Hollywood Bikini Wax, gets its name from the hairless breed of cat, also called Sphinx. This method of bikini waxing is quite simple; it is the removal of all of the hair, from all areas of the genital region, from front to back. This style of waxing is for women who do not want to ever have to worry about pubic hair showing, or for those who simply do not like having body hair.

It is important that you choose the type that is appropriate for you. If you are just starting with bikini waxing, you might start with the basic bikini waxing and work your way up from there.

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